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EasyBits Magic Desktop 2.0

Turn Windows into a child-friendly environment with fun activities and games
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EasyBits Magic Desktop is a product very well suited for young children because it offers a safe and educational environment. Filtering of websites is based on a while list that can be downloaded or defined by the child carer. Filtering of email messages is based on a list of trusted email senders, also defined by the child carer. The focus of the vendor is to create a product for children of less than 10 years old.

EasyBits Magic Desktop provides its own email application. Children can only receive emails from senders who have been added to the child's address book. Other emails are put in quarantine, and are only available after entering the child carer's password. This way, child carers can block emails from unknown senders.

Other cool features of EasyBits Magic Desktop are:
-Easy Write.- A simple and nice text editor for your children.
-Easy Learning.- With this module, your child can solve and learn Mathematics and English exercises
-Easy Paint.- an image editing program excellent for making their first drawings on PC.
- Gamepad.- A lot of kids computer games
- My First Music.- Let your children to be introduced in the fascinating world of music.

This full trial version lets you to test the program 10 times only

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